Conference Room



Conference Room

Our conference table comfortably accommodates 10 to 12 people, and there is ample space for more chairs, tables, and people throughout the room. Media connections are available for presentations. Use of the conference room is free for open desk members and private office holders, and non-members can book it in half-day increments.

Work Spaces

Members can choose from a variety of flexible work spaces. With sitting and standing desks arranged for both large and small groups, the space can easily fit your individual needs. In addition to traditional desk space, you can switch it up when you need a break - we have a lounge area with couches, a projector for videos and movies, retro exercise bikes, and even a few games.


Event Space

Sail Loft is a great corporate event space for your business. Our coworkers have used it for after hour gatherings, meetings, and company parties!