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Sail Loft – Coworking Space

Sail Loft has truly spent some time being just that – a storage space for sailboat racing gear. But sails can be hung and kayaks can be racked. The space occupied by Sail Loft, the second floor of a brick building at the corner of 36th and Perkins in Cleveland’s MidTown district, is finding new utility as a coworking space.

It doesn’t make any sense to waste great space storing old sails, just as it might not make any sense to pay rent on an office or remain isolated from a community of entrepreneurs. With private offices, open desk space, and enough coffee and programming to keep your mind sharp and the ideas flowing, Sail Loft opens Cleveland’s MidTown up to you. With an event space on the first floor of the building and easy access to both downtown Cleveland and the health-tech corridor, Sail Loft is bringing community and connection to your work.

The Spinnaker Room – Event Space

Spinnakers are wildly unique. Exceptionally colorful or monochromatically intimidating, a spinnaker says no to rules and restrictions. The Spinnaker Room at Sail Loft in Cleveland offers you the same freedom in your event planning and execution. With 7,000 square feet of space offering room for up to 350 seated guests, your options are endless.